Where to sell a wedding dress?

Where is the best place to sell a wedding dress? Should I go online or are there shops in the area?

Re: Where to sell a wedding dress?

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    There is a consignment place over on Harper (St. Clair Shores?) called Once and Again Bridal, someone told me about.  They will sell your dress on consignment and you get half of the selling price.  If you are looking for more money (but it will also be more work) I would try Craigslist.  I have a dress I need to sell, too and will probably try craigslist before the consignment shop.

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    I recenlty sold my prom dress from 2008 online at buyselldress.com
    It was up for a while, but I forgot about it. Someone emailed/called me about it and in about 2 weeks (with shipping and paypal issues) it was sold. I have a wedding dress I need to sell since it was too big and I had to buy another one, that I am really thinking of putting it on there as well.
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