Looking for a Latin DJ in Metro Detroit

I'm getting married June 2012 and am looking for a DJ in the metro Detroit area. My fiancee and his family are Mexican so I's like a DJ that knows alot about popular/traditional Spanish music but also plays a variety of other American pop/traditional music, preferably someone who is bilingual, as some of his family only speaks spanish and my family is as American as they come! Anyone know of any? Thanks fr your help!

Re: Looking for a Latin DJ in Metro Detroit

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    Oh man, I have no clue. Is his family from the Detroit area? Have they gone to any weddings lately or do they know someone that had a Latin DJ at a recent wedding? Maybe ask your reception venue if they have ever heard of anyone. Good luck! When you find someone post it in the Vendors sticky post at the top of the board - maybe you'll help out a future bride :) PS - welcome to the board!
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    I believe Platinum Mix has a bilingual (Spanish) DJ.  I am assuming that he knows things about Latin music/culture, but no idea how much and/or if he knows anything specific to Mexicans.  I think his name is Sal, but you contact them through the owner, Sara.  I'm sure she would be happy to answer your questions, to see if Sal would work for you.

    I had a Platinum Mix DJ do my wedding, and I was really happy with it.
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    Go to salsadetroit.com.  I'm pretty active in the salsa community here and there are a number of DJs in the area that play at different venues.  You could probably contact one through them.

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