AW: Dress shopping success! (finally)

I finally found my dress!  After going to literally 10 stores I was beginning to get very frustrated and wasn't sure I'd ever find a gown that I loved.  Well after going shopping with only my mom for 2 Saturdays in a row, I was starting to get beyond frustrated with shopping with only her because her attitude and then I randomly suggested going to Brides by Demetrio's in Troy.  At first, the consultant made me discouraged (after I told her my budget) but she had a few dresses in my price range that she knew of.  The first dress she pulled was beautiful and she put it in the room for me to try on.  We then found two others and put them in the room as well.  When I put the first one on I thought it was beautiful and the best dress so far that I've tried on.  So we went out front to the mirrors and my mom saw me in it and she started crying.  When I saw the back I knew I LOVED the dress and that was it.  Then came the number crunching...
The dress was ordered shorter than normal (originally for someone else) and ended up being too short with her shoes so the store ordered her another dress.  The store however kept the shorter one in hopes to sell it and were going to send it back to the manufacturer this week.  When I tried it on, it fit almost perfectly.  With 2 inch heels all I will have to alter is the top which will have to be pulled in a bit.  So, my consultant went to speak to the manager to try to get me the best price and she definitely did!  The dress originally was $1,800 and I paid $675!  It was just out of my budget but with less alterations needed for it I go it.  However, in all the excitement I forgot to get pictures so when I take my FMIL and a BM with me to look at it next weekend (I was told I could visit it whenever I wanted) I'll take some and post.

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