Cake pops/Brownie pops/Cheesecake pops in the Metro Detroit area?

Does anyone know of places that make any of the above mentioned items in the Metro Detroit area?  I'd like to do one of them as a favor for each guest, but do NOT want to make them myself.  I'd like them to be $1.25 or less each.  Not sure if this is even realistic, but if anyone knows of places around who make them, please pass along the information!

Re: Cake pops/Brownie pops/Cheesecake pops in the Metro Detroit area?

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    I THINK (sorry if I'm wrong) it was Party Cakes (in Ferndale? or Royal Oak?) that had cake balls as their cake samples when we went in there for a cake tasting so I would talk to them about making them... and they were so good!! I loved/hated how they were like little donut holes of cake dipped in frosted (I hated it because I wanted a billion)
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    lovetruly06lovetruly06 member
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    well depending on when your date is my aunt sells her cheesecake, she might do it for you if your interested. And it's not the family tie talking, her cheesecakes are awesome! first thing I knew I wanted at the wedding was homemake cheesecake:)
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    isaiahsmomisaiahsmom member
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    Hi! My name is Yolanda, and I actually make Cake Pops in the Southfield area! Check out my website! www.cakebitedelights.com -
    My pops do however run $2.00, but I may be able to work with you budget wise!
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