Silver Shores??? Any Coments

We just looked at Silver Shores and I really liked it.  Shannon was very nice and helpful but I want feedback from someone who has been there or has had a wedding there.  Thanks!!!!!

Re: Silver Shores??? Any Coments

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    My wedding is there November 20th.  I initially booked with Nicole who has since moved on and for the last few weeks I have been dealing with Shannon. So far, I am really impressed with her.  She's very prompt answering emails and super accommodating with our schedules since we live out of state. 

    My FI did a food tasting when we were in town over labor day weekend and he liked everything a lot.  I have an acquaintance who attended a shower there, as well as her class reunion.  She said the bar and service were both great. The pork tenderloin was amazing, and the Alfredo sauce has a funny after taste. 

    I will know more after November 20, but I assume you don't want to wait that long Laughing
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    I'm so glad you ask about Silver Shores! We stopped there last Sunday after going to the apple orchard. I honestly didn't expect them to be open and was just planning on looking around. Shannon greeted us and was so friendly and helpful, even though we didn't have an appt or anything set up. She took us on a tour and discussed everything with us. She even offered to have us come back this Friday so we can view the room set up for a wedding. So far I am very impressed with her.
    Kelki, I have plenty of time to wait to hear about your experience so please let me know how everthing went! Laughing

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    Kelki:  Im so glad you said that.  I cant wait to see pics and hear about your wedding.  I looked on Friday and loved it.   I just need to back and put down a deposit.  Thanks

    Sasha:  Shannon is very helpful.  We have looked twice and both times we were late because of construction and traffic on Southfield.  She didnt mind at all.  Thanks! 
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