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Don't use them!  I got married in Dec 2008 and it has taken over a year and a half and I still don't have my albums!  I have been told different stories over and over again about why they are taking so long to pull together.  It is disappointing because they show clear skill with the actual photography (I've seen proofs - so at least the photos exist) but have nothing in my hands to show for it, and my ~$8000 investment in them.  This is my first step in reporting them - I may eventually have to take them to small claims court among other things to get my money back, if I don't get anything. Super frustrating!!!

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    You have been very patient.  I would send them a certified letter, with a copy to the Attorney General, asking when you can expect your photos.  Did our contract specify when you would get the pictures?  If so, explain in your letter that they are in breach of contract and you want your albums, completed to your satisfaction, within 14 days, or you will be filing a claim in court for the digital files and refund of your money.
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