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I am hitting some road blocks with the shower. We looked at a place last night that's one of my favorite restaurants, but it really was too unreasonable price-wise.

So, I'm back to the drawing board and am thinking I need to move it out of Detroit and into the suburbs. Any rec's? My goals:
- A restaurant v. a hall
- Only about 40-45 invited, maybe only 35 or so would come (hence why I'd like to avoid a hall, I feel like they are too big for this size group)
- Less than $20/head
- Centrally located in the region -- so Ferndale/Royal Oak/Mad Heights, maybe Troy.

Also, please don't ask WHY I'm making the calls and doing the research on this instead of the hosts. The answer is entirely too long and makes me cranky :-)
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Re: Shower Locations

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    I have been to a shower at Pasquale's Restaurantion Woodward and one at the Alibi on Rochester Road. they both were really good and had the same type of menu, Pizza and Salad. I have no clue of the prices on either but I would check them both out.
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    I'm having one of my showers at Peabody's in Birmingham, upstairs in the library - the shower is next Saturday - PM me and I'll be sure to let you know how everything goes (and I do know they're reasonably priced). 
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    My shower was just held at Pasquale's in Royal Oak. It was awesome! The staff there is great. For about 35 people, my mom paid $500 I believe, not including the tip. But we added on some extras.

    Another inexpensive option is Ike's in Sterling Heights. I think their shower menu lunches are only $11 pp. I didn't find them to be very helpful which turned me off but it may have just been the person working that day.
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