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Hi Everyone!  My name is Tené and I have been trying to gather up the courage to stop just lurking and finally post!  Well, as the months are winding down towards my date, August 13, 2011, I am getting so excited and want to join all of you jolly brides here in the planning process.  We have done the JOP already.  But since we are Catholic and want to be fully recognized according to our faith we are having a nuptial mass in the church. 

So..I have a question for your ladies.  I have been enjoying the planning so much that I may have opened my big mouth a bit much and put my foot in it by giving some people the impression they would ultimately be invited to what will be a close family and friends only affair.  I wonder do I need to come up with an excuse re:budget and slowly take my foot out my mouth while hinting to these people that I probably won't have enough to include them?  Or do I have to figure out how to pony up the buckaroos and make it happen?  Thanks for any and all advice...

Re: Introduction and Foot In Mouth Question

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    Hello and welcome to the board!

    Accidently inviting others happens and hopefully you've learned what to say and what not to say now. You are in a tough situation. I had a similar situation happen to us. An old friend of DH's kept bugging us as to why he didn't get a save the date. We explained to him not everyone got one. But he finally cornered us at our house and begged for one. We didn't end up inviting him. 1. because I can't stand the kid and 2. because he was treating it as if it were a party with a bunch of friends to get wasted. No. 

    I think you should do what you feel is best. Are you going to see these people throughout your planning process i.e. when invites go out? If not, then I would say to just ignore it. Also if they ask why they weren't invited, you just have to tell them that you decided to do a close family reception. You really shouldn't have to justify any of your decisions though. 
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    I dont think you have to invite them.  If they bring it up just say you needed to keep it small. I think the excpetion to this might be if you are inviting mutual friends of you and these people.
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    I have no constructive feedback for you - that's a tough situation!

    But we're date twins!  Welcome!
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    Don't be to hard on yourself! It is easy to do.  We get so excited that we get diarhea of the mouth.  I did the same thing.  You have mroe than 8 months til your wedding! Stop talking about to those that aren't invited! Hopefully they will get the hint by then!
    Congrats and Welcome!
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    @Corinne2010, I will have to just have to do as you advised and ignore it like I never said anything.  I still have a long way to go so they will probably not care between now and then (fingers crossed).  Or explain it like Danielle said if necessary.

    @July032011 LMAO, you have described me to a tee.  I totally have had diarrhea of the mouth (that's what my former elementary school phys ed teacher used to say to us when we were talking too much) because I get all giddy and forget that I am talking to someone who may think I am sharing info with them for more than just conversation.  I am just going to have to ZIP IT!

    Thanks for all the great advice ladies.  It's so nice to be able to connect like this with people in the area.  I'm glad I stopped being such a fraidy cat and finally began posting.

    I also feel a bit like I should make two other younger cousins ring bearers out of guilt.  But I gotta stop feeling guilty or I'm going to go broke!
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