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Hi Ladies,
I live in the Tampa, FL area, but I'm trying to help plan a Sunday Brunch for about 20 ladies in the Ann Arbor area next January. My mom suggested Weber's Inn, but I've never been there. I'm not sure if they have a separate room for our party.
Do any of your ladies know about Weber's Inn? OR can you make another location suggestion for our Brunch? We're hoping for somewhere nice and reasonably priced, of course. Aside from that, I'm open to suggestions!

Thanks in Advance!

Re: Sunday Brunch location

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    Webbers is nice but I think of it more for dinners than brunch...You can also look into the gandy dancer, zingermans or there are a group of restrants in downtown A2 called "main street ventures" they are little high end but really nice!

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    Gandy Dancer is the best bet I would say. They are very good! They have a great buffet/Sunday Brunch with a wide varities of things to eat. They are around $20-25 for the brunch. Here is there website muer.com and this is the link to the menu for Gandy Dancer: http://www.muer.com/pdf/menus/GD/GAND_Brunch.pdf
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