Speaking of kids/babies...

When you do your headcount, do you count babies in that?  I wasn't actually planning on it because I know they won't be eating, and they don't need a chair obviously, but should there be a space at the table or something?  We have at least 2 that are going to be age 1 and under.
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Re: Speaking of kids/babies...

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    matuofmmatuofm member
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    I don't know from experience, but I've read on other boards that parents always appreciate if they're given a chair for the baby - if not for the car seat/carrier thing, then for the diaper bag/toys/million other things that seem to come along as a package deal with baby.
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    Agreed -- If the actual infant doesn't take up the chair... the accessories will! And we aren't counting them for the caterer's headcount. They told us "2 children under 12 can be counted as one if you want" but we'll probably make it 3 will count as 1 or something...

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    emarston1emarston1 member
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    As far as count purposes, for us they don't.  If their ass ain't in a seat and they aren't eating, they don't count.

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    As a mama of a baby that's 15 months (today!), letting them to know to have a high chair available is very much appreciated.  No food though, lol.  They eat off our plates, if they eat at all. :)

    Oh and I'm sure you know this, but 5 y/o's don't need a high chair.  My SIL had a high chair waiting for my 5 y/o nephew but not for my 13 m/o son. o.O
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