Ahhh stressful...need some vibes!

I guess I couldn't expect to make it all the way through wedding planning mostly stress free huh?

The wedding is Saturday...and FI got in a car accident last week.  Thankfully (SO thankfully) he doesn't have a scratch, but we just found out the car is totalled.  Any other time this wouldn't be so bad, since he has been itching for a new truck anyways, but of course this week is so busy with appointments, errands and we are both still working until Tuesday/Wednesday.  So some how we need to take care of all the business stuff with his truck being totalled (salvage yard, tranfering title, ect), get a loan situated for him and get him a new truck, on top of the million other little things we have to do and only having one car.  We are really trying to avoid spending the money to rent a car, but it may come down to that.

On top of that, some major money issues just came up with paying for our reception, and our original plan fell through (long story).  So I have been scrambling all morning to figure that out since the payment is due Thursday.  I think we have it figured out now...but I feel like my head is going to explode.

Thanks for letting me vent and please cross your fingers that this all gets sorted out quickly/easily and that I make it to Saturday without losing my mind.

Re: Ahhh stressful...need some vibes!

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    Yikes!  I'm sorry!!  You sound fairly calm, considering the situation.  I was stressed out beyond belief the week before my wedding and I didn't have the car issue to deal with!!  I feel for ya. 

    Good luck with everything.  I hope it all gets figured out in time...and I'm sure it will! :)
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    Hang in there twin! The end is near :)
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    Oh, I'm so sorry the week before your wedding has turned into such a nightmare!  That's awful!

    I'm so glad your FI is ok though.  You've got to count your blessings that he somehow walked away scratch-free from an accident in that totaled his vehicle!  

    Do you have any friends or family in the area that could help you out with a loaner car until after the wedding?  It sounds like money is tight right now, and even with financing, you're still going to need a good chunk of change for a down payment.  Plus you don't want to rush into something like that - I know I'd want time to shop around, test drive a few things, and right now you need to put all your spare time into last-minute wedding stuff and relaxing and ENJOYING the lead up to your wedding!  I'm sure someone will help you out, either giving you a ride or letting you use their car for a few hours to run some errands.  

    Big time vibes to you!!!
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    Allie I'm so sorry you've got all this stress!

    I think PP suggestion of borrowing a car is a good idea. Definitely something you don't want to rush into. As someone who bought a car in a rush after totalling one I wish I had taken more time to shop around and make sure I got a great deal. I like my car but there are things I don't love. kwim?

    Anyhow - I hope everything works out for you and settles down a bit!

    Good luck!
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