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Hey Ladies,MY FI and I are trying to keep the size of our BP and rehearsal dinner small.  We need to select 2 more readers for our catholic ceremony and had the thought of using a bridesmaid and a groomsmen to do the 2 open readings we have left.  Is this something that is normally done?  We had a thought to use each of our godmothers, but that opens up a nasty can of worms as to who then gets invited to the rehearsal dinner b/c we want to keep it strictly to who is involved in the wedding to keep costs down.  For the RD-We have 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen, plus 1 reader.  Then we have both sets of parents plus his mom's bf, and the priest.So is it ok to ask from the bridal party?TIA
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    Sure, one of our gm also did a reading. Our other 2 readers were spouses of members of the bp.
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    I have seen it done. I have also read when I was a bridesmaid. I had no problem doing it. I had my future sister-in-law and the spouse of a groomsmen read.
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