Signing the venue contract advice

Hello my knotties. We are going this weekend to check out my favorite venue. I think we may sign a contract while there, so I need your awesome advice!! We will have our ceremony on their grounds as well as the reception. THANKS!!

Have you signed one?

Anything take you by surprise?

Anything you regret not putting on the contract/ putting on the contact?

General advice!!

Re: Signing the venue contract advice

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    emarston1emarston1 member
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    First and foremost, READ every single word of the contract.  If you have questions, ask.  Don't sign anything you don't feel comfortable with.

    Ensure you know the cancellation policies, deposit deadlines, what's included with the cost, things like that.
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    Ditto. It doesn't matter if it's 5 paragraphs or 5 pages - Read it all and make sure you receive an exact copy, if not the original. Don't hesitate to clarify anything you're curious about. If you're on a budget, make sure you know the costs beforehand, and everything included.

    So far we haven't had any problems or hidden fees, but our wedding is still 8 months away so there's time for something to get messed up! lol 

    Where are you going?? I hope you have fun!!
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    P.S. Liz you posted at 11:11 :-) 
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    Like the pp said make sure to READ everything and don't hesitate to ask questions.  If there is something you discussed that isn't in the contract make sure you have them put it in.  Good luck!
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    sasha213swsasha213sw member
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    I would suggest taking the contract home and reading it before signing there. The contract we signed had like, 10 pages of information to read through on outside vendors, things we couldn't have at the hall or ceremony site, cancellation policy and stuff like that. It is a lot to take in and the venue should give you time to review it. I think we had 5 or so business days to review and during that time they put a hold on our date. Also, not sure if it's relevent, but I noticed each place we checked out had a different deposit requirement. Some were a % and some were a flat fee and you probably have to put down a deposit when you sign your contact (again, depending on the location).

    The one thing that took me by surprise with my venue was the fact that we were not allowed to bring in outside edible favors. It stinks because we were totally planning on doing chocolate covered pretezels but I called on it and they said as long as we have them individually wrapped, we were fine.

    Ditto PP, we haven't had problems with hidden fees but we are also way ahead in our planning process.

    HTH's and good luck!
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    Ditto PPs. I think there are some FAQs on venue questions somewhere on the knot...

    Off the top of my head, here are some questions I had for my venue:
    - Is there a minimum guest count based upon the negotiated price?
    - Are fees/service charges/gratuities/valet included in the price or in addition to the price?
    - Can you bring in food/alcohol?
    - When can you set-up?
    - Do they require tear-down after the wedding or can you do it the next day (some vendors will charge an extra fee for late-night tear down...)
    - Will other events be taking place at the same time? If so, how do they manage multiple events?
    - What is the payment schedule?
    - Do they offer free tastings of your menu? (if not, negotiate this into the contract)
    - Is there anything they strictly disallow? (ie - ice luge, sparklers, etc....)

    Also, as with all vendors, check the BBB, even if they are a well-known vendor.

    Good luck :)
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    Melgor78Melgor78 member
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    Like PP said make sure to read it and if your told you can do something make sure you get it in writing.  Our venue changed coordinators and things I had discussed with her weren't written down and the new one said that things had changed.  Since nothing was written down I had no proof that this was what what I was told.  It was nothing major but if I had know this I would have asked for it in witting so I could have some leverage to work with. 
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    Thanks guys, you are awesome!! We are going on Saturday , so expect a post on Sunday : ) The coordinator has been great so far but I am kinda scared to see what is on the contract. She has offer to be there that day, help set up the room(diy stuff etc), help with my candy buffet, even put out high top tables to fill the space. I really hope she is still there May, 2012. I am going with their Sunday package that is pretty clear cut and they only have 1 event at a time. Keep the advice coming!!
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