Has anyone heard of these vendors?


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I found them on Craigslist. I know maybe not the  best place to look...but their prices are awsome.
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Re: Has anyone heard of these vendors?

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    Haven't heard of them and I would stay leery from Craiglist for your vendors.  I think the best advice that you can gain is from the reviews of other knotties here on the site.
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    MMRoberts11MMRoberts11 member
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    I wouldn't suggest craigslist unless you are ok with novices doing things for you.  However, I think these 2 things are really important.  You'll always look back at your pictures and the DJ will keep the party at your reception going.  People from craigslist may be very affordable but likely lack the quality.  I would check the sticky with the vendor reviews and use people from there or go to bridal shows to get a feel for different groups and then compare information from their websites.  My photographer I met at a bridal show where he gave us a great price for everything and my DJ I also met at a bridal show but was recommended from a sticky at the top.
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    I just want to agree with pp...my photographer and my dj are my two most important vendors, as far as I am concerned!  That said, I have not hired a videographer, because I have not yet found one whose work I like at a price I am willing to pay.  It's just not a priority for me, but if I have one, I want to be happy with it.  I have decided I am ok if I don't hire one - so if a videographer is important to you, my advice might not be the best advice.

    I don't recommend over-spending on your vendors, but I look at it as, compared to the cost of feeding/having an open bar for all my guests, the price of my vendors is very low.  There are many, many really good DJs around the Detroit area for $500-$1000 (not saying that's cheap - but again, compared to the cost of feeding everyone, it starts to look affordable).  I found that prices on photographers varied widely, but that there are some very good photographers at relatively low price points, depending on the package features you are looking for.  The stickies were super-useful for finding photographers in my price range.
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    amyn1919amyn1919 member
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    If you are looking for a very affordable video and photog check out plum soda productions....they do good work and can work in any budget:) They are a husband and wife team.
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