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For Sale: Lazaro Fall 2011 (3101)

I'm selling my absolutely stunning wedding dress! This is a Lazaro fall 2011, style 3101 size 12 (10 in street clothes). Minimal alterations were made. It was perfect with my rustic-french fall wedding. I paid almost $4,500 for it, asking for $3,000. This dress is beyond amazing!!!

Re: For Sale: Lazaro Fall 2011 (3101)

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    Hello I love this dress and have found it in NJ so no tax for 3500. The price is completely out of my budget I am paying for every part of the wedding, and as I am sure you know it is all so expensive. If I would buy the dress for 3500 that includes alterations and it would be fitted to my body and size. So I am not gonna want to spend the same amount of money for a used dress which was made for someone elses body and curves, to which I will have to pay hundreds in alterations to make the dress fit me. I would only be able to offer 1300 bucks, in a check or however you would prefer payment, for the dress. I hope I dont offend you with all I had just said but realistically if split 50/50 the cost would be 2 grand and it is simply not fair to share the cost of something that was customized to fit someone else's body and secondhand, no offense again. Let me know if we could do buisness, Thank You, Danielle Hughes
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    Hi, I love this dress, I really want to buy it from you. Please contact me if you want to talk and do buisness. Thank you, Danielle
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    R u still selling this dress?
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    is this dress still for sale?
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