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Recently married!! Items for sale - everything must go! =o)

Hi Ladies! Got married May 2012 and finally got around to filtering through my wedding items. I HAVE TONS AND TONS MORE than what I have currently (7.3.12) on this website but I will be updating as I go through everything and adding on. Please let me know if you have questions or need more information/pictures! Thanks so much=o)

Re: Recently married!! Items for sale - everything must go! =o)

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    I'm interested in the I-spys.  How much to send to 92692?

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    Could you email me the file for your I-SPY game?  my email address is  I think its an extremely cute add to any wedding.
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    If the I-spy is already sold, could I get the file too?  Thanks!

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    Rustic Birch Wood Mini Roses - 4 colors - 100 Available (maybe more) - $? + Shipping

    I used these everywhere! There are 4 colors - burgundy, mauve, pink, and natural. 

    I-Spy Game - 15 Available - $3 for all + Shipping

    I used these at each table. I made them in Microsoft Publisher and then printed them using The ONLY thing that makes them personalized is the tiny heart in the corner that has A+S in it. It can easily be covered up with a stick, stamp, flower, etc. Definitely a steal for $3!!
    **I did make this file and I am willing to customize the colors and initials for you. All you have to do after I send you the file is upload it into and then select how many you want. =o) Please let me know if you are interested in the file!** File only..
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