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Wanted: Ivory-colored draping fabric

I'd like to get ahold of some IVORY draping fabric to hang from the wooden beams in our reception hall. It doesn't have to be fancy - it'll be dark in there, plus it's a very country wedding; not terribly elegant or formal. I'm mostly looking for a cheap price. I can get it for about $3.00/yard at Hancock Fabrics, but I figured I'd look for used material, first. I like the thought of recycling decorations, so if anyone has this fabric they'd like to get rid of, I'd appreciate it! I live in Colorado Springs, so if you're in the area, that'd be great. If not, I'll consider shipping situations.

Re: Wanted: Ivory-colored draping fabric

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    If you cant find someones to recycle, I found a great website with the cheapest prices around. the name is a bit misleading they have everything from the obvious chair covers to all different sized and material table cloths, overlays and runners, cake stands, decorating supplies, silk flowers and rose petals and fabric bolts.  I dont know what type of fabric you are looking for percisely but tulle 54" x 40 yards is 18.99 organza same measurements 39.99 satin 54" x10 yards is 24.99 chiffon same measurements 29.99.  Also if you order more then $150 worth of stuff from them the shipping is free! I used them to get stuff for my own upcoming wedding! hope this helps!  good luck

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