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FS: Huge Assortment of Vintage Stamps (PIP)

I bought a ton of assorted stamps on eBay I ended up winning more auctions than I had hoped for. If you are looking for vintage stamps, plus shipping, you typically will end up paying twice the face value. I have $75 plus in stamps. All uncancelled, and all with the gum in tact. I paid over $240 on stamps and used less than half.

There is a huge variety in value, age, and design. Some include lace making, first man on the moon, the us bicentenial, hot air balloons, Boston tea party, Washington, state birds and flowers minerals, signing of the constitution, state post cards, and on and on and on.

There are about 600 stamps total, and at least 40 different kinds. I am selling all of them for $120, which includes shipping. I am sorry, but will not split them up. I will accept payment via paypal.

If you are interested please pm me with your email address - I will check PMs daily.  If you are in the Boston area and can meet up and buy in person I will gladly take $15 off.  Thanks!

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