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I recently had to cancel my wedding. so I am now trying to get rid of most of the stuff we have bought, everything is brand new and never used. Im not trying to make a profit, just getting rid of things.

48- stemmed tealight candle holders  $50.00 

12- Stemmed tall vases -11.5"- $24.00

12- Stemmed small vases- 8"- $24.00

24- tall vases- 8" - $ 24.00

5 lbs of soy wax flakes For candle making $15.00

150 wicks $15.00

13-chocolate brown 100% polyester table cloths 90x132 $150.00

5- chocolate brown 100% polyester table cloths 90x156 $65.00

2- chocolate brown 100% polyester table cloths round 120" $22.00

156- turquoise 100% polyester napkins 20" $100.00

500-Tall Clear Hard Plastic Tumbler 16oz $90.00

500-Tall Clear Hard Plastic Tumbler 10oz $35.00

About 100 led throwies already put together ready to be switched on bright white defused 10mm  led. very labor intinsive so .80cents each

About 150 bright white diffused 10mm led and cr2032 batteries to make throwies these are not put together yet so they are .20 Cents per piece.. So each throwie is .40 cents

44 packs of crystal water beads
Around 20 teal 16 white and 8 pink $40.00

4- ocean blue and champagne striped  neck ties $15.00 Each

1- large black tee shirt with black writting that says brides maid 2012 never been worn washed once 10.00

1 medium sized brooch bouquett. I made this my self and i was very happy with it.. i can also change things and add a differnt ribbom or brooches.

I think this is everything for now.. Please email me it will be first come first serve.. please let me know if you are interested in anything. photos upon request.


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