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Paper Parasol

Does anyone have any pape parasols for sale? I've found a few sites online that sell them cheap, but the reviews aren't great. I need a total of 3, possibly 4 if the price is right. I'd like them all to be either white or off white.

If you have some for sale or know of a place to order with good reviews, let me know please!


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Re: Paper Parasol

  • i bought mine from - their quality was fine. No complains
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  • I have looked on Oriental Trading Co and I didn't see the $3 parasols. I'll have to check out the site next.

    I'd still prefer to see if I can buy some used for cheap, I just hate to spend a lot money on paper parasols to use just once. I can usually find semi-cheap but its the shipping that's making it expensive

    Thanks ladies and I'll keep checking for updates!
  • I saw the DIY ones, but I have to buy a set of 12, bummer. I will definitely keep them in mind though bc it is a great deal. I just only need 3 or 4, not sure what to do with the rest of them. But many thanks for pointing them out!!!
  • I ended up ordering the DIY parasols on OT. Thanks for the help everyone!
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