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Rustic Wedding Stuff For Sale! Including Navy Blue Dinner Napkins and Tulle!

Hi ladies!  I got married nearly a year ago, and we still have several wedding items that we are hoping to sell.  Some of it cannot be shipped because of weight, size, and because they're fragile, but we live in Northern Indiana currently, and will be moving to Louisville, KY next month so if you live in either of those areas, we can make it work.

Since I don't get on TK anymore, please do not leave a PM for me because I promise I won't see it.  To get ahold of me, look for my email address on the "for sale" page of my website!

Items still left:
12 Antique Crocks (pick up/drop off only)
175 Antique Mason jars of various sizes, ranging from jelly jars to half gallon.  Several are blue but most are clear
8 Gift/Welcome bags for out of town guests
Ceremony Altar Flowers (pick up/drop off only)
Bag of River Rocks
Burlap Pew Cones with Flowers
Unopened Rolls of 9" wide tulle
12 white 8x10 picture frames
293 Navy Blue Dinner Napkins
Sheet Music Heart Garlands
Unused Crystal Garland
4Bar envelopes for RSVP's in natural white
2 Tiki Torches (pick up/drop off only)
2 Potted Manzanita Branches (pick up/drop off only)
large river rocks
wooden signs that say "shuttle"

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