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F/S cylinders, candle holders, baskets, cake stand & misc

Hi -

I recently married, and now looking to sell the wedding stuff to get it out of the house. 

15 sets of glass cylinders - 6", 9", 10"  - would prefer to sell as a set.   $90 for the full set.  Had bought them from another Knottie when I had planned to do my own centerpieces. 

glass candle holders
9 x 2" square, 2 x 2" rounded square, 5 x 3" square, 2 x 3" rounded square, and 2 x 4-5" round short cylinders  - if you buy the whole set listed, $50.  If not the whole set,  we'll talk price based on what you want. 

4 boxes of 16 square small votive candle holders  - $3 each box

somewhere around 70 ivory floating candles - barely used since our venue wouldn't allow us to light them as the fire marshall was apparently coming to inspect that day.  $15

baskets - two medium-ish light colored rattan basket lined with natural color cloth (used for holding bags for our cookies table) $9 for both, 1 small slatted wood basket with natural lining (used for holding programs) $6, 1 large slatted wood basket witih naturual lining (used for card box) $10.  

three different shaped metal stands for holding signs - $5 each

approximately 18 off white ikea 4x6 free standing Tolsby picture frame holders that were used for table numbers.  Double sided.  $1 each

cake stand - 14" square silver cake stand.  approx 3-4" high off table with ornate pattern on stand $30

I also purchased a bunch of glass & white serving pieces for a cookie buffet that we had.  If you are needing any serving dishes, send me an email and I'll let you know what I have to sell.  Too many to list here, and not sure what exactly I have.

Please email me at coreyandjen2011 at if you are interested.  I live in the St. Pete/Clearwater/Tampa area, and can meet locally. 

Happy planning! 

Re: F/S cylinders, candle holders, baskets, cake stand & misc

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    14" Silver CAKE STAND
    I would like to pur chase.  Have you sold it?  Please contact me asap for our Aug. 18, 2012 wedding.
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