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Looking for 1920's wedding dress

Having a Roaring Twenties/Jazz Age themed wedding. Looking for the perfect dress for the occasion. I really really love jenny packhams designs from her spring/summer 2012 collection. The intricate beading is exactly what im looking for. Preferably a sheath gown. Cap sleeves are a plus.

Here are a few examples:
3 (LOVE this one)
6 (also fabulous)
7 (the one on the right is PERFECT)

HELP ME FIND MY DREAM DRESS! Looking something similar to the aforemoentioned but with a realistic price tag. Thanks in advance ladies.
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Re: Looking for 1920's wedding dress

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    this is also something i like a lot. still has the 20s vibe but not as busy/intricate as the others. just simple, silk, and gathered in all the righ places. and my fave, cap sleeves!

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