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I'm looking to buy a used dress, specifically Maggie Sottero's Ivandra dress. I'm a size 6-10 (it fluctuates, I'll take either). If you have it/know where someone is selling one let me know, I'd love to have it! I already had a dress but my parents bought it and now they won't let me wear it (long story told on a different board) but now I need a budget dress in record time! 

Thanks all!

Re: Looking for Dress!

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    I don't have that exact dress but am selling the Maggie Sottero Mona Lisa Dress in size 10, only alteration was to have a french bustle put on it.

    There is a link in my signature that has my sellers webpage, all info is on there. Feel free to email me from that page for any questions. Price is negotiable.
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    Im selling the Maggie Pia dress. Size 6, brand new never worn. 500$ + shipping. Let me know if youre interested. Mbxt411 at
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    i have 2 dresses for you  one is a very long train and may need to be altered alittle to remove spots that cant be removed however i have a bigger dress that can be take in abit off white cream color off shoulder poofy kinda if you email me ill send you a few pics my daughter wore my 1st and biggest dress longest train shes a size 6/7 and fit beautfiully an her best friend did dress number 2.... there original prices were 1st dress 1800  now its down to about 500 an other dress is never worn so its orginal was 1200 now its around 600 but we can work something out let me know and its buy as is. email me at regarding dresses i have for sale
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