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Monday =(

What did everyone do this weekend? AW's or check? And your goal for this week is?

I'm not gonna lie I had a fantastic weekend. It was a lot of shopping for me this weekend but I love it!! I got all of my summer clothes because I have nothing from last summer that fits (thanks 70 something pounds =) ) and DH bought me a nook, which is amazing. And Sat was date night and we got to the movie thearter  and said yeah nothing worth seeing so we went to blockbuster and bought six movies for the same price and got take out Mexican and made our bedroom a movie theatre. And today we went OCC to a carshow for my dad and to Woodbury Commons on the way home. Got a new bag from Coach, and some stuff from Armani, so yay =) I'm a happy camper


Re: Monday =(

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    Sounds like you had a great weekend & Congrats on losing 70+ pounds thats amazing.

    i worked on Sat but i had a decent weekend when i got home we had gotten our movie from netflix so hubby made dinner and we watched the movie,then he took me out for ice cream.Yday we took my dad and his dad to a brunch,then we went and picked out furnature for the other half of our living room we are making into a sitting room,then went to my dads for a bbq & went swimming,so it was a pretty good relaxing weekend.

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    I picked out my menu this weekend!

    Other then that I hung out with my family and stayed in OC over the weekend to spend Fathers Day there also. I had kiddie pool duty watching my nephew splash around so I even got just a tad bit of color finally.

    This weeks goals include: finalizing everything with my invitation designer so she can print them up and send them to me! And also I am going to order things to get our favors together.
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    I have only 26 days left!!!  Ugh...The weekend was okay.  I started making my DIY favor/escort cards and mom will finish up this week.  Making cute jars of strawberry jam.  Looked really cute.  FI made us a nice monogram for some stuff I want to do.  Now I am tackling the fact, I am going to write a new post for help there!

    Tried on the wedding dress to check out some shoes I got.  I am tall, so it is now clear I have to wear flats otherwise the dress is too long.  AND I HAVE TO LOSE ANOTHER 10 POUNDS...the dress was a little tight.  No surprises, since I have gained alot since I bought it.  Damn happy fat.

    Hope everyone else's Monday are going well!
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    On Saturday we went to my stepson's Liittle League Championship Game and they won!!!!!!!!!!!! It was such an exciting game!  They had a party after, we had friends stop over and then went to another friend's house for her son's 21st birthday.

    Sunday was Father's day and so my stepson and I took my hubby out to brunch and then we spent the whole day with friends at my parent's pool. 

    And, almost 6 weeks to go!  Ladies..if you can plan your pregnancy, do it when you are not 8 months prego in the summer!  ;)
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    Hi Ladies!

    Glad to hear you had a nice wknd!  I had my surprise shower on Saturday at La Terrazza- it was so beautiful and I had a lovely time. We had a Father's Day breakfast with FI's father and dinner with my Dad on Sunday.  My hand is cramping from thank you notes, but it's a happy pain :)

    I mailed out my invites today; I can't believe I will be married 2 months from today!
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    saturday we went to the yankee game then to emelia's on arthur ave for dinner. sunday i was a bum and FI played golf with dad and my brother and his girlfriend then we went out to dinner. 

    didn't do that much wedding stuff over the weekend but last week was productive. picked out the menu, picked out the cake, made an appointment for a consultation for the groom's cake, had my first fitting, scheduled final payment dates. 

    tonight we're going to pick out our ceremony music. 
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    Came back from our honeymoon! :) And got my first wedding album! I LOVE SHUTTERFLY! I really wanted something quick, so I used the first few people who posted their pics and ordered an album. I absolutely love it! It's like a retrospective on the day! (I plan to spend the time making one when we get more pics in and also a shower book and bachelorette book). But for right now this is good enough! So fun to look through!

    (PS - Congrats Jaimie on the weight loss!)
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