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Manzanita Branches / Trees for centerpieces or wishing trees

Hi ladies (and some guys I'm sure ;) ), I'm new here to weddingbee. I recently found out that people use manzanita in weddings from a friend who wanted me to get her some from my grandparents property. So after looking into it I thought hey if I can sell some and help with some of my upcoming wedding expenses and help out other couples I should try :) The size that seems to be the best is around 22 to 24 inches tall. I can go get them 1 day a week usually Tues, wend, or Thur. For the centerpieces at my friends wedding we used 2 trees in each centerpiece because she wanted them super super full. I thought 1 looked nice to though ;) I think $6 a piece is a good deal but I have to ask it be 5 trees minimum to make the drive to get them worth it ;) The first pic is of her comment tree.

Re: Manzanita Branches / Trees for centerpieces or wishing trees

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    If my wedding reception is not until September 15th 2012, should i buy these early or is it better to wait until closer to the time?
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    That is a GREAT deal. I wish I lived closer or I would buy those from you!!! 

      I am making do with bamboo braches that look almost identical. When they are 50% off at Hobby Lobby, you can get them for $6.50 each, but they aren't as cool as these. 

    Tiffany G, CPA
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