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Things we love

I've seen this on a few boards now and they all use different numbers. We're going to use 7 because it's lucky! List 7 things you love!!
Oh, I know you love your family, friends and FI/DH so skip them!

1. My puppies
2. New makeup
3. Dyson Animal vacuum
4. Delta Phi Epsilon
5. Fall
6. Egyptian cotton sheets
7. Applejuice

Re: Things we love

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    1. My animals
    2. My free Illustrator trial
    3. Coach
    4. Dyson Animal Vacuum
    5. The ocean
    6. Iced Tea
    7. Shoes
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    Things I Love :

                           1.  My westie Madison
                           2.  The Fall
                           3.  Christmas
                           4.  Chocolate
                           5.  Chocolate Chip Cookies
                           6.  Ireland
                           7.  Hikes with FI
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    1. my cat
    2. shoes
    3. shopping
    4. dancing
    5. Gossip Girl
    6. running with FI
    7. reading
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    1. My Kitties :)
    2. Shopping
    3. Chocolate
    4. Cruising
    5. Cleaning (i know its weird)
    6. Walking on the beach
    7.Coach Bags
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    1. Libraries
    2. Dyson Animal
    3. Yoga
    4. Chocolate
    5. Allergy Shots
    6. New York Rangers hockey
    7. Baking
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    SandDDSandDD member
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    I like this!

    1. My puppy girl!
    2. Sleeping in
    3. Coffee made just right
    4. Fall Sweaters
    5. Baking
    6. Having the apartment to myself
    7. Planning vacations

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    im skipping friends and family too
    1. my puppy
    2. cooking
    3. decorating
    4. fall weather
    5. football and the new york jets
    6. laying in bed cuddling and watching movies
    7. Planning vacations
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    1. My kitten Colby! Meeeeeeeeeeow. =)
    2. Fall weather and wearing boots/sweaters.
    3. Bike riding
    4. Shopping
    5. the smell of fresh cut grass
    6. feel around Christmas time
    7. cleaning!
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    BellaSposa223BellaSposa223 member
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:113Discussion:4f577dc4-1a82-4d08-9214-7cdfadc5927aPost:30406c4b-5ab2-449b-aae8-6e46a4f65038">Re: Things we love</a>:
    [QUOTE]Things I Love :                       
    <strong>1.  My westie Madison</strong>                       
    Posted by Erin McCormack[/QUOTE]

    Erin- You have a Westie?? That's what my 2 puppies are! Actually today is one of their birthdays =)
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    1.A perfect cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in the morning
    2. The first day of school - love meeting the new students - and the last day of school - can't wait to see them go by then!
    3. A really good book on a snowy day
    4. My DVR
    5. My car on a sunny day
    6. Dinner cooked by my mom or dad
    7. New shoes and handbags
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    Meliss5178Meliss5178 member
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    1. My gray fluff ball of a cat- Sephora
    2. A day at the wineries
    3. A good BBQ party
    4. New England Beaches
    5. Traveling
    6. A really good laugh
    7. Experiencing or trying something new
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    Hi Jaimie,

         Happy Birthday to your Westie :)  I've had quite a few westies over the years.  We had Madisons mom  Kerrigan up until last year ( she had addisons), she was right off the boat from Ireland.  They make such great pets, I just got Madison groomed last week, because my oldest son refused to walk me down the aisle until I got her hair done.  I was waiting until it got closer to the wedding. LOL.. How old are your westies?
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    BellaSposa223BellaSposa223 member
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    So sorry to hear about Kerrigan! I can't imagine not having these lil guys around! How old is Madison?

    Gizmo is 4 and Diesel is 5. They both actually just came back from getting groomed as well! Here's a pic of them for ya =)

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    Hi Jaimie,

         Unfortunately, I couldn't see the pictures :(  , but, how funny is it that a friend I went to HS with has a westie named gizmo as well.  Too Funny,  I'll see If I can get a picture of Madison up.  BTW she's 5
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