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Anyone having a vintage or 80s style wedding theme?

I am not a VENDOR! I just want to make that clear. I am selling this gown from my best friends wedding, she had an 80s style theme. She said it was her "wedding singer" style wedding. so with that being said...

 I have a beautiful, one of a kind, wedding gown. It has pearl beading and lace all throughout the corset. It's satin, and has a beautiful train. It has a place where you can pin where you can hang the train during the reception as well. Its only been worn once, but needs to be dry cleaned. It comes with veil & head piece, which are hand made and shoes to match. It is off the shoulder with the vintage lace arms. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can cut the arms off to make it strapless (I am handy with a sewing machine, so thats why I know it can be done). It is a size 6 gown, and has a button up back with a zipper. It's a gorgeous gown. She payed 1,800$ for this gown, and it was custom made to the way she wanted it..(it's one of a kind) but we are not selling it for that price. We're selling it for only 100$. If you need it shipped obviously we can ship it to you, but you would just pay for the shipping. The dress, the shoes, and the veil are only 100$. Which, is a great deal. The shoes are a size 7.5. I will post pictures of everything. I'm not here to scam or make a lot of money, I just know that brides on a budget with a vintage wedding would appreciate this gown. 

If you would like more pictures of the gown, you are more than welcome to ask. Also, if you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them. I  try and get on here as much as possible. (usually 2 times a day). If you are a (southern) new jersey resident, and would like to meet somewhere to buy it, I am open to that as well.

We are also selling my bridesmaid gown. It is grey and pink, with pretty flower accents. Just a touch of sparkle!!! It is a one shoulder and floor length gown. The dress is a size 5. Again, shipping will be the exact same terms as the wedding gown above, and (southern) new jersey residents I will be more than happy to meet you some place local. 

Wedding dress price:$ 100.00 (plus shipping if needed)
Brides maid gown: $25.00 (plus shipping if needed)
Wedding dress and  bridesmaid dress combo: $110.00 (plus shipping if needed)

We are also open to offers depending on the offer.
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