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FS Rustic Fall Wedding Items

Rustic fall wedding on October 5 is over. It was beautiful and unique and thought I would share some items from my ceremony and reception with another lucky bride.

Please email me if you're interested in any of these items, Buyer pays for shipping. PayPal is preferred. Seller located in Michigan. Please email me to see additional photos (items "in action") or for prices if you're interested in a particular item or items.

Card box: Hand Stained in rosewood stain. Two 1880s drawer pulls to secure lid (I tied a twine bow to keep the lid closed during the reception). Size: 12"x13.5"

Happily Ever After Sign: Adorable for an outdoor wedding :)

Clear Glass Vases: 10" tall, Qty. 12

Stick Baskets: Handmade with love. All sticks were hand cut and glued. Each has a unique difference. All baskets built around a 6 1/2" plywood circle and each has twine round and in a bow. I filled each with burlap and apples. Qty. 10

Napkin Rings: Qty. 140. Each handmade with faux leaves and a shower hook. Each ring is different! Add a special touch for your guests.

Bird Cages: Hung on a large shepheard's hook with LED candles inside for the ceremony. Qty. 2. Size 8 1/4" x 12". Top opens for easy access.

White Birch Candles: 3 sizes, 9 each size (27 total). Total burn time: 5 hours. Still looking great!
Large: 5"x2 3/4"     Medium: 6"x3"      Small: 3"x4"

Cider and Coffee Wooden Signs: Sign have twine necklace. Words are burned in, written by the hand of my lovely groom. Size 5 1/4"x 3 1/2" oval.

Table Number Signs: Written numbers on ivory card stock, doubled sided sized 3 1/4"x 8 1/2". Wooden logs are white birch and range between 9" and 101/2" long.

Golden frames: Qty. 6 small: 2.5"x3"     Qty. 1 Medium: 4"x6"     Qty. 1 Large:  5"x7"
Some frames are missing their back rest. All small and medium frames have orange, yellow and/or green ribbon used for hanging in branches.


Runner: Handmade. 37.5' runner made from faux leaves individually glues on shimmery upholstery fabric. Comes with tube and green ribbon to roll it out. It was the talk of my reception. No one could believe it was homemade... it looked so professional. 

Gold Light Up Branches: Qty. 1 box, unused

Vases: Round green and brown glass vases. They have a bumpy pattern on them. Can be sold together or separate.

Leaf vine: Six Foot vine

Shepherds' Hooks: Qty. 20, 24" tall
Qty. 20 Half Pint Mason Jars with twine hangers
Qty. 20 Tin buckets, sprayed walnut brown with gold glitter
Can be sold separate or as a collection
This is how it looked all together with the addition of river rocks, ribbon and weeds.

Bubble Box: Hand stained with rosewood stain and wrapped in gold and orange ribbon. The sign "Rice may be tradition, but bubbles are more fun. Shower us with happiness when we are joined as one" printed on ivory card stock. Lined with ivory colored satin. 
I put beans in the bottom, then the bubble just stuck upright. 

Last, but certainly not least, TREES. I have five faux tress, ranging from 5' to 7' that have been hand painted to imitate a fall tree turning leaves and one tree that has no been painted. Lights not included. Am willing to sell as a bunch or individually. I used these trees to bring the outdoors in to my reception. The 5 colored trees have ivory fabric covering their bases so they all match.

I also have a 18 foot long leaf vine intertwined with lighted sticks. Sorry, no photos, it's REALLY big and only folds in 6 foot sections. 

Again, if you're interested in any items, please email me at


One last thing. I put 14 months of prep work into these items and it almost hurts to sell some of these (especially the stick baskets! I LOVE THEM!). But, these items were things that each of the 200 people at my wedding ooo'ed and ahh'ed over. They had never seen an elegant rustic wedding before. 

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    E-mailed you about the card box!
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    emailed you about stick baskets, birch candles, and table numbers!

    Thanks, Laura 11-02-13 (visit my photography on Facebook! Search: Laura courtney Photos)
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