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Song to Sing During Registry Signing

My Aunt will be singing during the registry signing. I have no idea what to get her to sing. It is in a catholic church and she is 47. Help!! Any and all suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

Re: Song to Sing During Registry Signing

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    I'd suggest asking your priest for a list of approved songs, since many Catholic churches only allow certain types of music.

    I like "Blessed Are They" and "City of God," personally.
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    One thing to remember is that you won't remember her singing. You will be too busy signing the registery to notice. So basically, her singing is for the entertainment of the audience while you are off doing the signing. Two items to pay attention: 1) choose a song in her vocal range and, 2) unless she is an experienced singer, have her on a microphone. Good Luck.
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    Has she sung for other weddings?  Are there songs she has worked on previously?  Talk to her and get some ideas.   Definitely talk to the church music director since sometimes churches have restrictions on certain songs.  Also talk to whoever may be accompanying your aunt (e.g. organist) for more ideas.

    Some ideas:
    * The Lord's Prayer
    * How Beautiful  (Twila Paris)
    * The Prayer (Celine Dion / Andrea Bocelli - works fine as a solo)
    * one of the arias from "The Messiah"  (many singers have worked on these)

    Hope that helps!
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