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Hair... that doesn't look like prom hair please?

I want a really natural looking updo. I want it to look like theres no products in it. Can you girls recommend a good hair place that you've had a great experience at that can do things like this.....

It's hard for me to find a good place because I currently live in PA, and am getting married in Nyack, NY. Thanks for the tips!

Re: Hair... that doesn't look like prom hair please?

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    Those look so pretty!

    My hair was done at the Dana Cole salon in Mohegan Lake. Great stylists. Great price. But its probably too far for you to travel on your special day.

    Hope some girls can recommend people closer to you.

    But, just as a helpful tip. Save those pictures! It's so much easier to explain to a stylist what you want when you can show them a picture. (When I had my boudoir pictures dine the girls wanted me to email her inspiration pics ahead of time) So you might want to hold on to the links as well. But also print out the actual pictures so you have then to show whoever ends up doing your hair.

    Good luck!

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    i got married in piermont and used la sorella bridal. mandy is great! she was able to travel to the hotel i was staying at! good luck!
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    La Sorella. I'm going to look that up, thank you!
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    My friend had that same hairstyle done. It looked goregeous.
    She used a woman in the Bronx though. Just a can add a nice clip to the back of your hairstyle just to make the look pop if you choose not to keep your veil on. Think a broch type of look (crystals w/ bling) or soemthing :-)
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