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Due to not being able to have my ceremony in any of the West Point Chapels because I am getting married on a Sunday I am now looking into setting up an outdoor ceremony on the grounds. However, I will have to set everything up including renting chairs and possibly a tent. I have no idea how much this will cost or if it will even be worth my money, time and effort but I want to look into it. Does anyone have any recommendations for rental companies for chairs or any idea what it might cost ballpark for approx 100 chairs?

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    Durants Tents in Wappingers rents pretty much everything.
    I would have to think there is a coordinator at West Point who could provide you with info.   Did you try calling the officers club and see if they can give you any info?
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    I have literally talked to about 15 different people in about 10 different offices. The general concensus is that I would have to coordinate all of that myself. On top of that no one can tell me who I need to speak with to reserve a space and time. I am not sure at this point if the officers club was one of the ones I spoke to but I will look back on my notes and check.
    Thanks for your help Bat!
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    My old boss & his wife own Party Time Rentals in Wappingers.  They rent everything and I mean everything.  Try them.

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    I got a quote from Durants in Wappingers and it was very reasonable including deliver. Thanks so much!
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    I cant tell you about their prices, but I know that The DJ Company has chairs, tents & other party rentals available.  I also know of two other companies:  Party Rentals, LLC  and Classic Party Rentals.   Keep an eye out for the DELIVERY CHARGES!  (Also see what "DELIVERY" includes:  drop off? setup?)

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    Likke pp's said - Durants Tents and Events and also Party Time Rentals.

    Also, Cartwright and Daughters (in Carmel).

    And there has got to be someone at West Point who should be your contact. Maybe if your FI called. You might benefit from a DOC just to make sure everything is taken care of.
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