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Stephen Yearick Line 2011

I am looking to sell my dress after my wedding in September, 2012. I just purchased it from a trunk show and would love to set up for it to be sold after everything is over! It is still be made, and i am changing a few things.

It is strapless and I am having 4 more inches of the torso material added to the fitted area so it makes it more of a mermaid fit and not so princess/cinderella look..I should be getting a sketch in 2 weeks of the exact dress. please contact me to see the sketch! The dress will be ordered in a size 10.

Re: Stephen Yearick Line 2011

  • daughter just bought the same gown....and did the same thing....dropped down 4-5 her second gown..

    and I just bought from a trunk show by the same designer the mother of the bride gown.
  • do u know where to look for his trunk shows... im trying to find a dress done by him..but want to see if the trunk show offers better prices

  • I've been looking for this dress and I would love to see the changes you've made to it.
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