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F/S PIP WTOO Vanessa Dress For Sale - Ivory Size 6 Never worn/unaltered

Hi Ladies, I am selling my WTOO Vanessa. It is an amazing dress, but I have come to realize that it is not the best dress for my body type - I have a long torso and no curves and a very wide shoulder and it is not flattering, so I am going to get another dress. This dress would be best on someone with more curves/hips. I fell in love because it is a beautiful, unique dress but I don't look my best in it - I was blinded by first dress complex! I paid $1250 + tax about $1350 at a trunk show, retail for this dress is $1400.
I am selling it for $1100 OBO and am including a custom made fingertip length veil with lace edging that is a close match to the lace on the hem of the dress.

Its got tags, and has not been worn or altered. It is also a "special edition" meaning the buttons on the back of the bodice continue all the way down the train. 

The size 6 measurements are approx 35 bust, 28 waist, 35 hips (at least those are my measurements and it is a little loose on me) - it is a true size 6, WTOO does not seem to follow bridal sizing like other lines. Please let me know any ?'s. I would accept payment via paypal or money order and I would cover shipping - I have sold on ebay for over 11 years with perfect feedback, but dont want to list it there and pay even more fees since I am already losing over $400 between dress and veil, but you can check my ebay feedback to see I am an honest chick!  Plus, my fiance and I share the account and if I dont end up selling the dress I will have to wear it, so I don't want him to see it!

Go to and type chicagofan79 as the username, thats me :)

Here are 2 links to pics of brides in the dress, as well as the WTOO website:

Here is the WTOO site

I am also attaching a picture that shows the "special edition" button detail, and a couple of close ups on the beautiful details of this dress, just click the pics to enlarge.

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Re: F/S PIP WTOO Vanessa Dress For Sale - Ivory Size 6 Never worn/unaltered

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