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Not feeling it

I just can not seem to get into the 'spirit' of planning my wedding. I keep trying and I try to think of things I have to do, but I just am not excited about it and have no idea what to do. I look online and get overwhelmed with the millions of suggestions out there. My maid of honor is upset because I am not really into it. Anyone else feeling this? Is there something wrong with me? I am definitely happy to be marrying my fiance- that is NOT even a question. I guess the whole planning process just seems a little too much?

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    Take a deep breath!
    You have less then a year, after the holidays maybe you will feel different. Try not to get overwhelmed and tackle one thing at a time.
    The more you get done now the better you will feel later

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    Have you talked to your FI about how you are feeling? I am sure he will provide support to you and help you work it out? It is a lot of stress, sometimes more than it needs to be!

    Have you considered eloping? My FI joked about that in the beginning and by the end I was totally saying we should have done it! But definately take it a little at a time. Pick a theme or something you really like and once you go with that it all comes together.
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    First, take a moment to njoy the week and spending New Years with your sweetheart!

    Then realize that you will 10 months until the big day, plenty of time to get whats needed to be done done.

    It is so easy to get overwhelmed by all the things that go into a wedding. But remember, all thats really needed to get married is:

    ring (s)

    THAT'S IT!

    It's the wedding day that is overwhelming, the big deal over the ceremony and reception. But if you take things one step at a time, you will be ok!

    Remember, you will see TONS of ideas from other brides on the knot. Remember that a lot might have more money or time than you. But you don't need fireworks, candy bars, photobooths or a horse-driven carriage to have a beautiful wedding.

    This is one of the most simplified to-do (in order) lists out there.

    It's also printed in every issue of the magazine. Hope this helps you sort everything out. As far as the "not feeling it" there is a lot to do, but if your maid of honor is willing to help - accept it! Maybe she can do some (smaller) tasks that you don't really care about much. Or she can accompany you when you are looking at dresses.

    Hope that when the new year comes you will be able to get to enjoying the planning!

    GL! HTH!

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    Thanks so much everyone for your input. He knows how I feel and I would LOVE to elope. It is more for our families sakes. Lol.
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    Where are you from? I feel the SAME way! I feel like I am the only one thats thinking of ideas though. My whole wedding party, I feel is not very excited. I am going to the bridal expo on the 2nd of Jan at the Pok Grand. I hope this sparks some interest. I feel overwhelmed too. I think this is just because "its the biggest day of our lives". I also felt like going on a destination wedding, but then decided to stay local so everyone could see us get married. I hope it does change, and become more exciting. Let me know when your excitement rises!
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    I live in Middletown. Our wedding is going to be at the Round HIll House in Washingtonville. I hope it picks up....
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    Princess Lily and wedding bella - don't worry! /your feelings are completely normal!

    I think every bride goes through that "wish we could elope" feeling at some point!

    It will all be ok! Enjoy the new year and the bridal shows!

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    I feel you. I'm getting married in five months, and I would just as soon do it tomorrow. I'm so tired of dealing with stoopid bullshyt.
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    Yeah I felt the same way! We had a longer enagagement (almost 2 years) and all of a sudden one day it just kicked in and I want into "go" mode. I had previously been completely overwhelmed by all the decisions and wanted to crawl into a hole and forget about it all!
    It'll get better...PROMISE!
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