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Matron & Maid of Honor?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of having both a Matron & Maid of Honor in addition to bridesmaids? My bridesmaids will proabably split all duties, but can't decide between two friends for "Honor" role.  Any experience/advice would be appreciated!
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Re: Matron & Maid of Honor?

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    One of my best friends had her sister as maid of honor and her FSIL who is married as Matron of Honor.  DH couldn't pick between his 2 best friends so he had to best men.  Do whatever works for you. 

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    Do what works for you and makes you happy. There are no rules as to what you can do :)
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    I'm having both a Matron and a Maid of Honor for my wedding....do what works for you : )
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    yeah tons of people I know have done that so if you want to have 2 people share in the honor positions, you should do it!Cool
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  • akardasakardas member
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    I have a maid and matron of honor.  I could not honestly choose between the two so I had them both over my house and I told them that I could not imagine them not standing next to me and I wanted them both to have the honor.

    They looked at each other and said  "YES! We can plan together!" They were so excited that there was someone to talk to and help make decisions.  And I can tell you that they were not close friends before, but they have been working hard together :) Make sure they exchange information.
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    I had a Maid and Matron.  THey were both best friends of mine from elementary school and could never have chose b/w them.

    It worked out well as the one girl is married so she was the Matron and the other is divorced so she was the maid.  They basically shared all duties and I left it up to them to delegate and decide who does what.

    I know my mom was like "you have both?" and my answer was "who cares! it is my wedding!"
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    Thank you so much for your posts! You've affirmed the idea and am so excited I don't have to choose. 
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