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minister ordination

My husband to be's best friend wants to be the officiant at our wedding. One problem, I do not know how to determine if a website is credible enough to do his online ordination. Anyone know of a good site?


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    I would call your county clerk's office and ask if this is even legal in your state. If so, perhaps they can suggest a website for you?
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    Universal Life Church is probablly the most prominent one, that's the one we're going through.  But definitely check with your county, the rules vary widely.  If we got married where we live, the friend who's marrying us would simply get deputized by the county for the day to do so, no ordination required.  But where we're getting married, we have to jump through a few hoops to get her ordination recognized.
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    I had a good friend of mine become ordained through which I found on recommended by The Knot.  And he has already filed his paperwork with the county and everything seems to be fine.

    Find out if its possible in your county and do it, it will make your cermony so much more personal.
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    The state of Massachusetts allows for a one day designation to officiate a wedding. This what what we are doing so we can have my brother officiate the marriage. I found the information at the website, maybe you have something similiar where you live.
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