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Lifting the Veil

Who should do it? What are the customs? Should it be my Dad before he hands my hnd to my fiance or shouldit be my husband when it's time to kiss?

Help please!

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Re: Lifting the Veil

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    Either way is fine. If your dad wants to lift it to kiss you, he can, and he can leave it up, or put it down again.

    I'd ask your fi if he has a preference, does he want to lift the veil to kiss you, or not? I think that's your answer! :)
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    My new hubby will lift it when it's time to kiss.  That's what he wants, and dad doesn't want the "pressure" anyway.
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    I would want my dad to lift it if I was going to have a blusher, which Im not sure I will, also bc I want to be able to see my face in pics up there and also be more comfortable during the ceromony but it is totally up to you.
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    My dad did it for me.  But it could go either way.  Just decide if you want the blusher over your face for the entire ceremony or just while you are walking down the aisle 
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    I only wanted to have the blusher on my face during the time I walked down the aisle so I had my dad lift the veil.
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