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Ceremony recessional Song Help

I want an upbeat fun recessional song please help with your ideas!! Thank youuu!!

Re: Ceremony recessional Song Help

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    Last wedding I went to everyone walked out to the theme song from the movie Enchanted I thought it was nice and fun!
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    For a more traditional sound, I like "A little night music" by Mozart, or "Spring" by Vivaldi. 

    For something more "fun", then maybe "Celebrate", "I feel good" by James Brown, or "So happy together".

    Or if you were thinking something more dfferent and off beat, maybe a theme song to something.  Like the Friend's themesong "I'll be there for you" by the Rembrandts, or the theme from "Hawaii Five-O" or something like that.  One I like but have never heard at a wedding, is the rock version of Canon in D for the recessional, or at the reception for the entrance song. 

    It's about whatever you like.  Unless you are having a church wedding and they have restrictions on the type of music you play.  Always a good idea to check with them first, before even thinking about picking any of the music.

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    We are doing the Monkees "I'm a Believer"
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