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November Wedding, Stuff needed!

Hi ladies!
Im having a November wedding and need a couple of things still. I would like to have small picture frames for table numbers for cheap. Also I need vases for the flowers. I need about 20-30 of thoses. Also needed are fake leaves. If you know of anyone or anywhere I could find these things for cheap, I would greatly appreciate it. :) You can contact me at


Re: November Wedding, Stuff needed!

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    I would highly suggest a thrift store or the dollar store for the vases.  Every thrift store I have been in has had tons of very pretty vases, every size and color, for a dollar or two a piece. 
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    I'm getting married on Sat. After that, I will have quite a few vases available (they are smaller) I have 2 different styles, but not sure how many exactly. If interested let me know and I'll get a count and pics to you next week.
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    Thank you and could you put pictures up?
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    type in silk flower  i bought a bunch in burgandy, ivory and  black for my wedding and vases u can get from dollar tree website  in bulk who can beat a buck a piece...they might even have flowers too
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