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Buying bulk flowers to make our own bouquets


Does anyone know of a Flower Market in Boston where we could buy our flowers (Orange and White Gerber Daisys) to make our own bouquets and table decorations?
We would probably need 200 flowers.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Re: Buying bulk flowers to make our own bouquets

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    There is a flower shop at the Burlington Mall, and also Wilson Farms in Lexington has a great cut flower dept.
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    I also looked into fiftyflowers.com, but I prefer to buy local if I can.
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    I just PM'd you!

    We considered doing our own as well, now that we've had to slice our budget.

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    i dont know of a store in particular but you could check out growersbox.com
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    Also check out samsclub.com (do a search for bulk floral) they are the cheapest I have seen and have tons of reviews.

    I was going to go the DIY route for everything, now I'm only doing it for my cocktail and ceremony pieces since they are easy (and I have 8 BMs so 9 bouquets would maybe have been a bit much?) But my flower budget is also small.  I did find a florist who is working with my very tight flower budget - her name is Lyndsey Loring if you google her, her site will come up :)

    GL - I agree with PPs, if you can, go local - I'm sure you'll save $. check out some local farms they may be willing to work with you.
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