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XP: more AWing: our awesome highlight video

Courtesy of Your Cinematic Wedding. I totally cry every time I watch it. I'm so, so happy with how it turned out!

Warning: We are giant dorks, and that is *very* obvious here ;-)

Re: XP: more AWing: our awesome highlight video

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    Great video!  Did you pick your song?  That's actually my FI and my song.  I am meeting with Michael from Your Cinematic Wedding this week.  Any review on them?  Thanks!
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    so beautiful Jen!!! i love it!!!!! awwwwww

    and you're not dorks!! you're fun!
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    jen i am in loveeee with your wedding video.
    whats the song?
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    Jen--it's awesome!!!! I think i'm definitely going to check them out! Thanks for sharing.

    p.s. the high five at the altar was beyond cute!!! :)

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    Awww I LOVE your video!!!

    By the way, I just looked on the website for Your Cinematic Wedding & I love their work!!! Any reviews on them?? and how are their prices??
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    July 15, 2011
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    Thanks, ladies =) We're so happy with this -- we feel like it really encapslates all the sweet, silly, smiley moments we had over the day. And we *totally* forgot about the high-five until we saw this!!

    Your Cinematic Wedding is actually very reasonable -- we paid $1400 for the coverage, the highlight reel and 3 copies of the full-lengeth (HD) video.

    We initially were not going to get a video at all. But then when we decided that we *did* want one, we quickly determined that we have very expensive taste =) We were so pleased to find someone with this kind of style who we could afford!  And obviously, we love what we've gotten so far.

    Oh, and that David Gray song (it's called "This Year's Love") was one of my frontrunners for our wedding song - I've loved that song for *years*. So I put it on a list of "suggested songs" we gave to the videographer. I think it works so well =)
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    That's great! They did a wonderful job! And that is a great price!
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