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So, I am getting married at The Warren Conference Center & Inn... And that is just a lot of words, plus I feel like Conference Center makes it seems... business-like?Can I just say The Warren Center?What about on my actual invites?

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    Yeah I think you can be brief on the STDs. I'm just putting "Boston's north end" on mine.  I pretty much see STDs as a tool for people who want to make travel plans in advance, so as long as they know the city, they can plan around that.  I'd probally try to write out the full name on the invites (if it fits!)
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    My "save the date's" don't have the venue name on them at all.  They just say the city where the ceremony will be held, and formal invitation to follow. 
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    well, i want to put the venue because the room block is at the venue. I am including an accomodations card too.
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    I think as long as you give a way for people to find it (e.g. a website) then you can call it whatever you want. I say that because if you didn't give one and people went to google it, they might be confused when they google Warren Center and get Warren Conference Center & Inn. Granted most people should be able to figure that out, but you never know...
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