NWR: brutal day for the bod!

So I had my personal training---man I hate the dude, he works me hard so I am going to stick with him, but seriously, he was grinning when I was about to puke.  He seems surprised when I can't do 90lbs on a leg machine (and not the leg press, like a single leg kickback thingy).  So after I survived that, cleaned all day and then made dinner.  Cooked dinner and made corn on the cob, had the bright idea to fish corn out with little silicone oven mitt that only covers my fingers, basically stuck my hand in boiling water!  Man...pity party over
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Re: NWR: brutal day for the bod!

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    ouch! i'd like to think that things always happen on wednesdays so that the rest of the week goes much faster and better :)feel better!
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