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Can anyone give me any insight?  On the website it says the rental fee includes everything, including catering. But then when it lists the entree's it says there's an entree rate.  But it doesn't show any prices.  I'll email them too, but I figured I'd get a faster response asking you!

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    I looked do have to pay a per person meal over the rental fee. I think they mean that you don't pay an admin fee on the catering over and above the rental fee. Otherwise it would be a huge bargain lol.
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    I got married at Willowdale in October. You pay the rental fee which includes having the estate for 5 hours, the tables, linens, chairs, etc. Then there is a per person rate for entrees. I think mine were about $95 a person (including tax and gratuity) for filet. They also allow you to bring in your own alcohol for the bar which is a huge money saver if you are planning on doing an open bar. I found their package was comparable to similar venues in the area. I was extremely happy there and would reccomend a Willowdale to anyone that is considering it.
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