Vendor Reviews - 6/28/09 - Part 2

Bridal Party Transportation – Kenny’s Trolley: A+ Another great vendor!  I was slightly worried since I had emailed/faxed our itinerary to them 2x and still hadn’t heard anything from them.  However, when I called and spoke to Kenny directly, he is the absolute nicest guy and really seems to know his stuff.  Our driver was amazing – so polite and even came into the ceremony and stayed for our full Catholic mass.  He helped me with my gown and made sure that everything went smoothly.  Great company to work with! Guest Transportation – A&A Metro Transportation: A+ Since there is not a lot of parking near the Cathedral and most of our guests were staying at the Seaport, we arranged for Coach bus transportation to bring people to/from the reception.  This bus company was amazing to work with!  Great communication and great price.  The Coach buses looked brand new.  We weren’t sure if we would need 2 or 3 buses right up until a few days before the wedding and they had no problem with that!  They emailed us the day before with the bus drivers’ names and all our guests said the ride was great. Makeup – Kimberly Fosher: A+ I can’t say enough great things about Kimberly Fosher that have not been written a million times.  She is exactly the type of person you need with you on your wedding day!  My family and friends absolutely loved her and she made us all look gorgeous.  I swear I would send her an email with a question and have a reply within minutes!  My make-up lasted well into the after party and I danced all night long.   Hair – Gina Joubert: A+Again, amazing.  She did all my bridesmaids (4), myself, the mother of the groom, and two grandmothers in record time on the morning of our wedding!  She did a fabulous job on the short hair, long hair, thick hair, thin hair, etc.  Our group had it all and was not an easy crew to plan for!  My hair did not move an inch all night long and we did outdoor photos in the misty rain later in the evening and you couldn’t even tell when I got back inside! Cake – Konditor Meister: A It came with our package at the hotel.  We had the option of KM or Montillios and we liked the cake better at KM.  We were charged a fee because we wanted our cake to be square and not circle, but it was minimal.  I’ve heard people complain about their tastings there, but we went on a weekday afternoon and were the only people in the place and treated amazingly well!  Everyone raved about the flavor of the cake and some people flagged down waiters to try the other flavor options after they ate their own!   DJ – Aaron Topher: A Aaron was exactly what we wanted out of our dj – classy and understated.  He played piano during the cocktail hour as well, which was a nice touch.  We were very clear on our “must play” and “do not play” lists and he honored that.  Our dance floor was packed all evening during both fast and slow songs.  The only glitch was we had to ask him not to play anymore Michael Jackson songs after the 2nd one came on (our wedding was the week he died), but he was very apologetic and in his defense, our guests were requesting them and having a blast dancing to them! Videographer – Mavid Productions: A We still haven’t seen the final product, but they were fantastic the day of the wedding.  Very unobtrusive and unless you were looking for them, you never even knew they were there.  We can’t wait to see our video and see all the things that we missed!  Great price and very easy to communicate with via email.  We never actually met with our videographer prior to the wedding, but were reassured that everything would go smoothly and it did!   Tuxes – Mens Wearhouse: D Our major problem of the weekend was the tuxedos!  Since our bridal party was spread out all over the country, everyone got measured at their local chain and then everything was sent to the location on Milk Street in downtown Boston.  Thank god for the folks at the Milk Street location because almost every tux needed to be fixed in some way.  Pants were too long, too big, too short, etc.  Coats were the wrong sizes, shirts too tight, and so on.  The worst – I didn’t realize they gave the father of the groom the wrong color vest until the morning after the wedding and I started looking at pictures.  He should have been in silver and instead was in navy blue, like the groomsmen.  They did a horrible job with all the measurements, but at least the Milk Street location helped us fix as much as they could the day before the wedding.  Also, we had 2 young ring bearers (4 & 6 years old).  MW was going to charge them the same fee for renting childrens’ tuxes.  Good thing we found the same thing on EBay for ¼ of the price and bought them tuxedos!   Dress, Veil & Alterations – Destinctive Designs (Rockville, Maryland): A+ I love, love, love my dress!  Once ordered, it actually came in early, so they were kind enough to store it for me at the shop, since I lived with my husband before our wedding and I didn’t want him to get a sneak peek!  The in-house alterations were done by Yolanda, who could not have been more sweet.  She did an amazing job taking in the dress when I lost almost 25 lbs before the wedding.  My dress fit like it was custom made for me on my wedding day.  We also got the matching veil at the same store.   Shoes – Zappos: A+ You have to love free return shipping.  I ordered several pairs and returned all but the one that I loved the most!  Favors, Water, Snacks – Sam’s Club: A+ We saved a ton by buying Lindt chocolate balls at Sam’s Club in the huge bags.  We then divided them up and placed them in cute little boxes with ribbon and a monogrammed sticker.  A little leg work, but if you have the time and helpers, definitely worth saving and buying them there!  We also bought most of the goodies for our welcome bags from here – bottled water, Cape Cod chips, 100 calories packs, granola bars, etc.   Wedding Bands – Charleston Alexanders: A We got a great deal on our wedding bands on black Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Even better, they called and offered us a 15% further discount when we left and said that we were going to keep shopping around.  They were the only place that we found to have a platinum eternity band that matched my engagement ring.  Fantastic prices for what we got and for what they are appraised to be worth!   Honeymoon – Tahiti Travel Planners: A+ We spent 2 weeks in the South Pacific on the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora.  Absolute paradise!  Our travel agent was amazing – they organized all the flights, the hotels, meal plans, transfers to/from airport, transportation, etc.  The whole experience was a dream come true!  If anyone has any questions about French Polynesia, hotels there, or wants to see the pics, please let me know and I'd be happy to answer questions or pass along pictures.  It was paradise!  

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