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Mob driving me insane!!! Help!

Okay we have been engaged for about two months now and we set our date for Nov. 6, 2010. At first my mom and I  were arguing over stupid stuff she kept telling me my colors were ugly, etc. She actually had me in tears several times. So I took to the boards and yall said give her something particular to do so thats what I did I asked her if she would be in charge of the cake. Well now that we set our date she is in overload! Everyday she calls me with something new to yell at me about with the wedding....however Ive gotten used to it so Im just kinda blowing it off since I know her heart is in the right place, BUT here is the problem. My mom lives 2 hours away and one of the arguments was that she wanted to have the wedding close to her. There was two problems with that ALL of my FI family lives outside of texas. We have people coming as far as Alaska! They are all flying into Houston (thats where we live) and I think its rude to ask them to travel another 2 hours since we already live in Houston. Secondly, I told my mom I wanted to get married in the church that me and my FI already attend. That was how I won that argument.....until now. I just found out that more than likely our church will not allow us to get married there since we already live together. Living seperatly is not an option, the reason we moved in together to begin with was to save money ( actually we were roomates first ) Getting off track the point is now the only way that I won the argument is more than likely up in smoke now what do I do. BTW she is paying for the reception( which is kinda why I let her yelling go in and out the ears lol)  and I am pay for the ceromony. So here is the million dollar question what do I do now?!?!?!?!

Re: Mob driving me insane!!! Help!

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    You need to sit her down and tell her she's stressing you out, that she's makig things very unhappy for you and you just want this to be a nice time.  That if she can't calm down, then you and your FI are just going to pay for everything and she'll not know anything about what's going on.

    Honestly, if she is making you that stressed (and it sounds like she's being looney) that's probably what you're going to have to do.  Be prepared for that.
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    Even if parents are paying, I don't think they have the right to decide what church/religion their children marry in.

    With that being said, at this point I'd probably thank her for her offer to pay and just foot the bill myself.  I'd rather pay for a scaled-back wedding than deal with her looney-tunes crazy attitude.

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    Okay I think m,y mom and yours are one in the same.   With that said I had to tell her after her blowing up over something minimal that I understand that her and Dad are paying so they really do have final say but at the same time I was affrai to talk to her about the wedding because I didnt want an arguement.   I was in tears and she was stressing me bad!   Main difference is mine lives 2 blocks away from me.  I had to remind her this was our wedding and I was asking her opinion and that the final decision was mine and FI not hers.   I didnt want to have the talk but since then we have had a better time planning this.

    Good Luck and Best wishes .  I wouldnt trade my Mom for anything but she does annoy me .
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    well  heatherm10 mine annoys me too but I would never give her up but thats why I now live 2 hours away unfortunatly thought we had that talk and everything was fine until I told her that we had the wedding moved up from march of next year to nov of this year so thats when it started all over again.....but let no one make the mistake I do love my mom
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