AW: Yay Bachelorette party tomorrow night (er tonight)

My bachelorette party is Saturday night (technically tonight - I shouldn't be up this late I have to get up early and pick up my dress tomorrow) so excited!We are going to a spa, bringing wine & champagne and apps & desserts and having mani/pedis. Then it is off to the Liquor Store to dance the night away and check out the mechanical bull (I gave bridesmaids a list off possible places and they chose that one off the list for an update on a previous post). We are ending the evening at the Park Plaza in Boston Could not be more excited to spend the night with my best friends!  Most of whom I've known for over 10 years.  They also have a no cell phone rule - they will be collecting everyones cell phones so it will just be about us and good old fashioned girl bonding!

Re: AW: Yay Bachelorette party tomorrow night (er tonight)

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