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we are having a very small wedding and only 20 people will fit under the tent.  We will have a photographer, guitarist and officiant.  Can we seat them in the house?  There is a dining table there and they will still have wonderful views.  This is where we are getting married if it helps to visualize:, is it typically to have the officiant's wife come?  I've never heard of such a thing but he mentioned his wife going to ceremonies twice.  I'm going to explain our situation with them if that would be appropriate -- plus it will be pretty obvious there isn't much room and to take up 20% of our seating for vendors seems a bit much. Whatcha think?

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    2dBride2dBride member
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    The officiant and spouse should always be invited, and should be seated with the rest of your guests.With regard to other vendors, they should be fed (with the same menu as your guests, except that it need not include alcohol), but it is ok if it is near but not in the reception.  The only issue is whether having them up at the house will interfere with their duties.  For example, if you have the photographer at the house, s/he will obviously not be able to take pictures during that time.
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    we set our vendors in a seperate room with a different menu (chicken). I would sit your officiant with your guests though. and yes as to 2dbride, the photography needs to eat and obiviously won't be able to take pics when he/she is eating, same with a  videographer
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