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My mom finally found a dress yesterday.  She's been looking all over and hasn't seen anything she loved.  Her friend told her to go to this store in Danvers.  It's really far from us, but we were driving home from Maine yesterday from our family vacation, so we stopped there.  So she ended up finding one she loved! Yay!  Now on to FMIL getting a dress...she's been looking also, but hasn't seen anything either.  i feel bad, she hasn't bought a dress in years, so i might try to help her find one.

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    Oh, yay!  Congrats on the check!  My mom & FI's mom get along great and decided that they would try to coordinate what they wear.  FMIL found her dress a couple weeks ago, but my mom is still looking.  FMIL was so cute--she sent me a text when she found her dress!
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